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***Please Note: This article in no way discredits the services of BeautifulPeople.com and it recognises the fact that it is an elitist club, an exclusively beautiful community, founded for the purpose of creating personal and professional relationships. It is also a business built on strict policies and acknowledges that membership is subject to a unique rating module where the deciding factor is a majority vote by existing members; however it points out that beauty is subjective and it lies in the eyes of the beholder.

This post serves as a reminder that we are beautiful in our own way.

One of today?s most viewed pages on the Daily Telegraphs? website is?British people are among the world’s ugliest, according to BeautifulPeople.com.?

The following facts emerged:

  • One in eight British men (12 percent) and just three in twenty women (15 percent) who have applied to BeautifulPeople.com have been accepted as members.
  • Swedish men have proved to be the most successful applicants, with two-thirds (65 percent) of those putting themselves forward being accepted.
  • Norwegian women are considered the most beautiful with more than three-quarters (76 percent) making the grade.
  • Since the website was opened to UK members, 295,000 people have applied, with only 35,000 being approved.
  • 900 Brits were expelled after gaining weight over the Christmas period in
  • Sweden, Brazil and Norway are proving to be the most beautiful countries overall, with applicants from Germany and the UK among the least successful. (Culled From The Daily Telegraph )

The Managing Director Greg Hodge thinks:

There is less emphasis on appearance in the UK than overseas.

Some other countries are into how they look – very health and body conscious.

The UK attitude is a bit more about kicking back, relaxing, and having a few drinks in the pub after work.

**This article may appear controversial and it?s not meant to be one of those feel good posts; however I assure you it?s written from my heart with a view to focus on simple things that remind you of how beautiful you are.

It?s dedicated to anyone looking to build more confidence in who they are, embrace the concept of being YOU, boost your esteem………….

Before the article gets shot down in flames I acknowledge that beauty and ugliness exist in subjective terms as a result of appearance, behaviour, taste, class………..

There are different standards/mindsets and hey I?m no George Clooney or JK Allen (I?m jealous lol!!) but should perfection and acceptance be centred round them?

In my humble opinion the answer is NO!!

Of course one could borrow a thing or two from them to improve one?s fashion style, mannerisms, bounce, swag…. .. but the crux of the matter is we need to stay authentic, accept who we are and be comfortable in our own skin.


The Free Online Dictionary defines beauty as a combination of all the qualities of a person; things that delights the senses and pleases the mind intellectually or emotionally.

Dr. Douglas Yu (University of East Anglia) believes beauty is always judged by the receiver and “there is an inter-observer concordance, a measure of objectivity,” so that individual perceptions of beauty, factoring in other characteristics such as personality and intelligence, can often be aggregated to form a consensus opinion.

Once again the aim of this post is to emphasize on a few things which make you stand out, encourage you to look good, stay healthy and accept who you are constructively.

In no particular order, here are a few things to remind you of how beautiful you are:

  • Love makes you beautiful
  • Your good manners make you stand out.
  • You?ve got a unique way of doing things and that makes you beautiful.
  • Your eyes, legs, figure, in my case a big head…. makes you beautiful
  • Your kindness and warmth makes you beautiful.
  • Your smile makes you beautiful.
  • Your good heart makes you beautiful
  • Your soothing or husky voice makes you beautiful.
  • Your patience and empathy makes you beautiful
  • Your fashion sense and style makes you so attractive.
  • Your ripped abs and muscles makes you attractive.
  • Your charisma makes you look beautiful.
  • Your size makes you beautiful because you know, love and accept it. However if you decide not to accept it for medical or any other justifiable reason then it?s best to work on it in order to improve your health.
  • Pregnancy makes you beautiful(www.babycentre.co.uk)
  • Your height makes you beautiful
  • At times your flaws make you beautiful depending on how you flaunt them. It?s a well known fact that Will Smith has big ears and Tyra Banks has a slightly big forehead but they?ve got so much class
  • Your friendly personality makes you beautiful.
  • Your positive attitude to life makes you beautiful.
  • The way you toss your hair, keep your nails, shrug your shoulders, walk upright…. all constitutes to making you beautiful.
  • Your specific interests also play a role in your beauty.
  • Your humility also makes you beautiful.
  • Your overwhelming charm makes you beautiful.
  • Your healthy eating habits make you beautiful
  • Your nice smell lol!! also contributes to what makes you attractive.
  • Wearing bright colours make you beautiful.
  • Your slight tan under the sun during summer makes you beautiful.(not so sure about fake tan lol!!!)
  • Your smooth skin makes you feel beautiful.
  • Celebrating others and giving sincere compliments also adds to your glow.
  • Your talents make you beautiful
  • Your thoughtfulness makes you beautiful.

The benefits of recognizing what makes you look beautiful are as follows:

It creates a good feeling within you

It boosts your creativity.

It promotes a better mental health.

It gives you a greater feeling of self worth.

It enhances your psychological and physiological well being.

Your Turn

Can you list any other thing that makes you beautiful?

It would be great to have your comments and suggestions.

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