Today?s post is written by a woman I?ve got the utmost respect for .

She granted two interviews last year and she has her own column in The Life Skill Magazine.

She is all for creating awareness on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) something she?s lived with for twenty years but is always determined to move forward despite the illness, unforeseen/uncontrolled circumstances, difficulties, life?s struggles??.

The aim of this post is stir up some motivation within you and remind you of the importance of living a life of purpose.

TWENTY things I REFUSE to DO By Dominique Small

As I have been doing my best to meet each and every challenge these past few weeks head on, with integrity and grace, I realized that this really comes down, for me at least, to what I will and won?t do.

So, today, I am creating my, I refuse, list as a reminder of the path I am choosing not to follow:

  • I refuse to allow this crisis to crush me.
  • I refuse to wallow in self-pity.
  • I refuse to accept responsibility for anything that is not mine to own.
  • I refuse to listen to those old tapes in my head that tell me I deserve this.
  • I refuse to lose.
  • I refuse to give up.
  • I refuse to allow my uncomfortableness with the changes in my body to deter me from continuing forward.
  • I refuse to sink into despair.
  • I refuse to react in anger or vengeance.
  • I refuse to move forward in anything but truth.
  • I refuse to not find a way to prevent this from happening to others.
  • I refuse to dwell on what has happened in the past.
  • I refuse to not use my situation to help others.
  • I refuse to become a burden versus a blessing to others.
  • I refuse to lose my faith in the midst of this trial.
  • I refuse to go quietly into the night ? legally or otherwise.
  • I refuse to continue to allow people to be dismissive of me.
  • I refuse to become negative.
  • I refuse to not see all the good that can come out of this crisis.
  • I refuse to allow this crisis to change who I am at my core

You know what?  I feel a whole lot better! 

Now it?s your turn. What are the things you refuse to do (constructively)?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Dominique?s Bio:

Dominique is an Air Force Vet who is a freelance writer, and is also, a prolific blogger.  She currently writes about the challenges of living with M.E./CFS and FMS on her blog, 4Walls and A View, which she has now lived with for over 20 years.

She has her own, monthly column, Dominique?s Corner, which is published in Life Skills Magazine.

In addition, she founded, Invisible Awareness, an organization designed to help raise awareness about the reality of living with ME.

She has a BS in Drama with a minor in English Lit. When not writing for LSM or her blog, 4Walls and A View, she spends time working on her first book, plays scrabble, reads, and spends time with her daughter and grand-daughter.

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