The Purpose Radio – Coming Soon!!

Yes, you read it here first.

Purpose Radio: The Station With A Purpose.

I am pleased to inform every reader or subscriber to this blog, the purpose radio would be begin broadcast to your laptop, desktop or mobile phone shortly

I have been off the radar for a few days because there?s been so much to do, look into, verify…. and it?s involved making decisions, learning on the spot, chatting with professionals, installing software/programs but it?s been absolutely worth it.

The Purpose Radio:

It’s an internet radio station aimed at motivating or inspiring you through constructive podcasts, music, talk shows……..The programme content will stick to the ethos of the blog which is ?creating a purpose driven life through personal development.?

A lot has gone into creating various program schedules which focus on providing you with the necessary support, fun, and relaxation each day.

It?s currently in its test transmission phase for now because I am trying to understand how the software functions, the automation process, sound quality, create playlists, source for voice over?s and jingles, compile music, inspirational podcasts etc .

The Concept

I strongly believe this is a step in the right direction and hopes to make an impact in the lives of people through inspirational broadcast. It?s an opportunity expand the concept of life skills development which is simply the ability to cope with the stress and challenges of our daily lives.

To Contribute

One major way to support the station with appropriate content is to contribute to it.

The programs available on the station are as follows:

  • Motivational Talk Or Podcasts (30/45mins)
  • Inspirational Talk Or Podcasts (30/45mins)
  • Positive Affirmations For The Day (1/2mins)
  • Phone In Shows
  • Music (No Cursing or Swearing)
  • News
  • Sports

To participate please read

Current Projects

  • Understanding the Software Functions.
  • Sourcing for mp3 music or talk downloads
  • Building a website.(Thanks to Matt for coming up with the logo)
  • Starting a twitter and facebook fan page.
  • Generating marketing ideas, adverts and promoting the station everywhere in the blogosphere
  • Ensuring all the necessary protocol for broadcasting is followed.


It?s a huge step saddled with doubts, worries and a few concerns but it?s a risk worth taking. I am moderately optimistic and is open to facing road blocks with a view to overcoming them and learning from the experience.

Once again;

Thanks for supporting this blog, magazine and now internet radio station.

I really appreciate it.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


P.S. I will catch up on all my favorite blogs very soon.

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