The Journey So Far………..

Warning: Brace Yourselves!! It’s a long post, but it’s straight from the heart.

Hello Everyone

Hope you all had a lovely day and Thank God it’s Friday.(laugh)

This post reflects on the position of the blog at the moment and the new projects coming up in a short while.

It’s gradually becoming a community and I’m so grateful and thankful to the wonderful people I’ve come across while embarking on this journey.


To all the subscribers, those who leave comments regularly, visitors….., I say Thank You for contributing immensely to the progress and development of this blog.

It’s not been an easy journey because there’s always a need to strike a balance between family(the most important part of my life), work, postgraduate studies, private practice, blogging and social media(I’m terrible at this and needs help urgently) but it is worth every time and effort.

Why Well Founded?

Well Founded is all about creating a purpose driven life through personal development and I believe focusing on issues of life (resolving the internal and external conflicts) will give the much needed boost to take a leap forward in life.

Current Projects

In the course of the journey, there have been investments made in several projects. Some have worked in promoting the blog while others have just been a waste of time and money (not mentioning any names, but be very cautious of various article submitters, seo specialists, ads and the likes…. now I use none).

The current projects I’m working on are as follows:

Guest Posts:

My articles have been published on the following blogs:


There are a few more in the pipeline; some due to be published soon and the others rejected lol!! YES REJECTED!! because the style of writing and school of thought for their blog is different (was I gutted? Err!! yes, but I respect their decisions. Who knows, I may do it in the future; anyway it’s so funny one of the rejected posts has received the most traffic on this blog in two months lol!!!).

If you are a blogger and won’t mind a guest post from me even if you reject it lol!! please let me know.

There’s also the opportunity to guest post on this blog any time. Please read for further information.

Blog Posts:

After careful thoughts and consideration I would be publishing only two posts on this blog each week for now. This would include guest posts if available.

Coaching Services:

In addition to blogging, working etc., I also run one to one coaching sessions online, face to face and via email or telephone. This is strictly by mutual agreement and only takes on board 5 clients each month for now(2 spaces left for April). Please read here for further information and you can check out my profile.

Please Note: I’m CRB checked and abides by the regulations of the Counselling Society United Kingdom.

Speaking Engagements:

This has kicked off on a small scale but I expect it to grow with time.

A special thank you to all the youth groups, singles or married groups, support homes, communities and churches that have opened their doors with a warm welcome and allowed me to be a source of inspiration to them.

Please Note: I’m available for speaking engagements in youth groups, support centres, motivational forums or seminars and churches(speaking from a biblical perspective on life issues) within the United Kingdom.

Well Being Magazine:

This is the latest baby of discovering purpose. It is a personal development magazine available to email subscribers of this blog and it comprises of articles from different bloggers who are either authors, psychologists, psychotherapists, life coaches, counsellors, social workers, run their own businesses…….. and are heavily involved in personal development.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the magazine as long as the article is related to personal development and it gets submitted on time. Please read here for further information.

Please Note: The next edition will be published next week and you can subscribe here to receive a copy of the magazine.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to those who have supported me in this dream. It’s not been easy to run, costs money but it’s worth the effort and time because it’s a dream that’s become a reality.

Without your contributions, Well Being Magazine would still be a fantasy and I really want you to know I appreciate everyone of you.( I MEAN IT)

Thank you so much guys:

Bill Badger (

Patricia Bechtold (Why Not Start Now)

Steve Aitchison(Change Your Thoughts)

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