Sharing your ideas, a key to personal growth

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An idea is whatever comes to the mind when one thinks. Personal Growth is the ability to produce personal change and progress. I have been going through several blogs in the last few weeks namely: Change Your Thoughts, Caroline-Middlebrook, Pick The Brain and one thing that was common to all over them was sharing their ideas based on experiences they?ve acquired.

I discovered there were alternative routes to achieving personal growth by tapping from the ideas shared on their blogs.

A glaring sign of failure is to assume we know it all. We learn everyday and it?s amazing how much personal growth is achieved by sharing ideas, listening to people, reading & observing the world around you.

Many of us have ideas, visions, desires, goals, ambitions we want to achieve and there?s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but there are certain occasions where all we require is sitting down to learn, rubbing minds together, sharing ideas and drafting out a personal improvement plan.

We can become great thinkers, better workmen, bosses, colleagues, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters etc by observing, listening, experimenting, thinking about other peoples? positive opinions even if it means altering it a bit to suite your framework.

You can?t learn from anybody or everybody; there must be an outline of your plans, goals and steps involved to increase personal growth.

Tips on personal improvement plans:

Surround yourself with the right kind of people i.e. those who would stimulate your thinking.
Read extensively.

Increase your level of positive communication. Avoid time wasters or things that will not add value to your life.

Listen to people who will challenge or criticise you positively.

Pick up the points raised from the criticisms.

Work on ways in which they can be improved.

Learn to share your ideas and not be afraid of sticking to it, changing or improving on it.

Learn to observe quiet moments & think. (A lot of us don?t spend time to think at all).

Gather as much counsel and experience from those who have gone ahead of you in certain endeavours, you would discover various obstacles are easily overcome based on sound advice given.

Never be one to impose your opinions, give room for suggestions.

Always remember people can?t be taken on the face value (a book can?t be judged by it?s cover)

Every successful man requires an input from different contributing parties to get to the desired destination of progress.

TAKE ACTION once you find suggestions useful, this will increase your level of personal growth.
Finally, learn to accept changes.

Sharing your ideas, a key to personal growth.

Will you share your thoughts/ideas with anyone???

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