Points to note when chasing your dreams

We all have dreams and visions of our future, what our lives should look like, how it should be patterned, what levels in life we hope to attain etc.. I asked around of what dreams various people had and I came up with many interesting ones. Some had dreams to be rich people, command so much wealth, set up charities, doctors, responsible wives/husbands, homemakers, teachers, succeed in various examinations, excel in various businesses, have a fleet of cars, travel around the world etc.

It’s good to have dreams, visions, goals, ambitions………. but it must be relevant to your life, purpose and then people. I intend to highlight a few points which are quite important when chasing your dreams and my goal is to actually get us to assess our dreams once again and be stirred up to fulfilling them.

Can I start by asking what is common to all these men Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, and Alan Sugar? They are all living their dreams in various aspects of their lives, not relenting, always seeking to make progress, exhibiting determination, a winning attitude and most of all carrying people along with their dreams.

The points to note in fulfilling your dream are as follows:

Involve the right people

If you can’t get the right kind of people involved in your dreams, it would experience a SUDDEN DEATH. Selflessness and carrying people along with your dream are interwoven. Some people might despitefully use an individual to achieve certain positions/things and I don’t advocate that, but a dream which stands the test of times, exhibits selflessness gets people involved and as a result people are willing to sacrifice/take a risk/lend a helping hand where the need arises to see ones dream come to fruition.

You need people to lay foundations, erect poles, and help you actualize/articulate your dreams. For your dreams to become a reality it must be beneficial to everybody. It must not just serve you the dreamer but create rays of opportunity for other people to tap into and carve out their dreams, as well as aiding you in fulfilling your dream which is why you have MICROSOFT, VIRGIN ATLANTIC, to mention a few.

It must take into consideration others and be beneficial to them. It’s so sad to see politicians today in countries, councils or wherever they represent having dreams/aspirations and not taking the people who elected them into consideration but being driven around like a headless chickens.

It must be realistic

Tall dreams require men of size, character and responsibility. The term size doesn’t refer to our physical size but your ability to cope under pressure, exhibit determination, face discouragement, take risks, stand up with your heads high up even when it doesn’t work out etc.These things can only be achieved when you have character, discipline, is ready to take to correction, is always willing to learn and most of all when dreams materialize, you take on the responsibility to maintain them. Whatever the dream is, these factors are applicable.

Being ready at all times

A lot of us day dream, have imaginations, aspire to be rich people but can’t manage our finances presently. Some of us want to be responsible fathers, husbands etc but cant maintain a courtship/relationship. Others want to be bosses or desire promotions but are not team players, the list is endless. You must show readiness at all times and be willing to participate or cooperate in things that would aid the manifestation of your dream.

Being ready will prevent you from shocks and surprises. It will give you a sense of direction, purpose and most of all help you align yourself with things that would make your dreams materialise. It will equip you, cause you to understudy events which aid proper planning, give you insight, enable you acquire skills etc.

One who is not ready to be a father has no business raising children. One who is not ready to be a doctor shouln’t get involved with patients. You must be ready to face the successes, pleasures, happiness, sadness, difficult times that come along with your dreams. Once you are ready then you move to the next phase which is determination.

Be Determined

The drive to see your dreams manifest, become a reality requires determination. Be determined to learn from people who have gone through life’s experiences and have succeeded.

Be determined to make sacrifices, pursue that dream with all that you have. Be determined to make sure it happens in your life time. Be determined to acquire all the necessary skills to promote that dream. Be determined to stay strong when the worst events occur. Ask yourself these questions. What is the dream? Do you like it? Are you ready to make sacrifices to see it manifest? Is it beneficial to people around you and can they be carried along? If all the answers are yes, then do everything possible to make the dream a reality.

Precious dreams require precious sacrifices, precious time and precious people. Dreams can be realities when you exercise these characteristics.

See the picture always

One of the major problem we face, is our failure to see the picture always; even in difficult or discouraging situations.

Seeing the big picture or having the dream in focus allows you run with direction, enhances growth and promotes maturity. Maturity brings about responsibility which is important in handling your dreams. The picture may look hazy, far fetched, sketchy but your drive/determination helps in holding it together.

Seeing the picture always will require you are passionate about your dreams. It will involve sacrificing anything at all cost to see it materialize. Seeing picture always will push you towards the right direction and give you the ability to develop more interest in the objectives of the dream.
Remember life changing dreams are not fantasies.

Fantasies are fickle and derived from your lusts. Dissatisfaction always accompanies it. Seeing the big picture helps you interact with people that live the dream you are pursuing and you can learn from their experiences, the ups and downs.

See the picture always and never lose sight of it.

I intend to highlight a few more points in my next post but in the mean time your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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