Lessons Learned From Our Greatest Fears

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Please Note: This is a project coordinated by Kim Maglinti and Ben Weston.

A little exercise here:

Take a few minutes to reflect on what your fears are.

This may be slightly controversial but we all have fears or should I say experience fear in one form or the other.

Your Dictionary.com defines fear as the feeling of anxiety and agitation caused by the presence of timidity, fright, apprehension, uneasiness and concern.

How do we confront it?

Lets hear from Ben W, Kim, Greg, Therese and Ben L.

Today?s post will feature 5 different personal development bloggers sharing their experiences on the lessons learned from their greatest fears.

Kim Maglinti Of Mind Success Coaching

Last week, I attended a graduation.  I witnessed 240 high school seniors graduate ? they were excited, rambunctious, invincible and fearless.  They appeared ready to take on the world.  It took me back some years, causing me to reflect on what my biggest fear had been and what I?ve learned from it. I feared failure. Read On….

Greg Blencoe Of Positive Waves Baby 

When I thought about what my greatest fear has been in my life, a variety of fears came to mind including the fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of never having enough people in my life that truly understand me. If I would have written this article 5 years ago or even 5 months ago, I am quite confident that I would have chosen to discuss one of these fears. However, I now believe that my greatest fear in life has been the fear of success. Read On….

Ben Lumley Of 6 Aliens.

I had this post all written out a few days ago. I?d recently been contacted by the lovely Kim Maglinti and had been asked to participant in a group writing exercise where some personal development writers would all create something on the same topic; ?What have you learnt from your biggest fear??

So I?d gone away, thought through what I was going to write and then promptly typed it up and saved it ready for posting today. Then on Saturday night I was watching a training video about human needs, psychology and depression (yeah seriously, I do actually enjoy my Saturday nights!) During the talk there were a few things that really hit home to me that seemed to link the pieces of the puzzle I?d been trying to complete over the past few weeks and months. Read on…..

Therese Miu Of Therese Miu.com

You and I are going to go through many fears in this life.  Remember that no experience is wasted unless you LEARN from it.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I wanted to incorporate doing video blogging and was finding it very difficult to be in front of a camera.  And my number 1 greatest fear when I got started blogging was honestly video.

I remember thinking, ?Oh no! I can?t? I remember looking back when I started blogging. Everything to me was scary.  It was scary being literally being OPEN and sharing my own personal story. Read On……..

Ben Weston Of Creative Courage

When I first went over the idea for this series with Kim, I imagined that this topic would be fairly easy. There are lots of things that I fear, but the one thought that kept coming up was about failure. I can think of many instances in which I?ve screwed up, let someone down, and messed up big time, but even though I found it difficult to think of a time in which I legitimately failed, it still comes up as one of my biggest fears. Read On…..

Although my post ‘Lessons Learned From Self Doubt’ is yet to be completed/published due to domestic and Well Being Magazine schedules,
I leave you with  Ben Lumleys’ question ‘Do You Know What Your Greatest Fear Is?’

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