I can do better, I know I can, I know I will

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This topic will address my blogging experience. I wanted to broaden my scope in coaching and personal development so I decided to channel my resources and start writing a self improvement/personal development blog. I began actively blogging on this site towards the end of June . Prior to starting off discovering purpose, I maintained a general blog.

Anyway to cut the long story short, expanding this blog, increasing web traffic, getting subscribers, establishing positive networks has and will always be my goal. In the last 2 weeks, most of the blogs I’ve read addressed the issue of increasing blog traffic, offering various suggestions such as linkvana, back link solutions, unique article wizard, text link ads, my article network wizard, one way links, 3 way links etc. I have little or no understanding of several terminologies used in describing how to get blog traffic.

There is a need to mention apart from the above solutions, one thing common to all the blogs providing tips for increased traffic and subscribers was good content and guest posting. My heartfelt thanks goes? to Steve Aitchison for networking, supporting and giving me the opportunity to be a guest author on his blog Change Your Thoughts and also run a session Ask the Coach in conjunction with him. Not forgetting Dr Irene Conlan MSN PHD of The Self Improvement Blog who has published my articles as a guest contributor. I am humbled by these gestures.

Recently Darren of Problogger wrote an article The Myth of Great Content Marketing’ and? ‘9 Things to Do To Make Sure Your Next Blog Post is Read by More than Your Mom’, that got me thinking a lot in terms of the positive growth on this blog. I need to write good content, spell check, construct the right sentences build more networks, work harder and smarter, be consistent and most of all exercise a lot of patience.

I have decided to write more guest posts and will be approaching more bloggers with a positive reputation in the field of personal development, coaching, counselling , motivation etc. I have also decided to try out 2 packages (the unique article wizard and my article network submitter) for a 3month period and I will be monitoring any progress made. If it’s a waste of time I would be cancelling my subscription after a month or so.

Why am I using them? I have read I need a lot of back links to rank well. My page rank is 0, subscribers count is 17 and my stats are as follows: With Google analytics in 8 weeks my unique visitors was 885 and page views 2008, while for my blog analytics through word press my unique visitors were 1220 and page views 6000. Funny how there’s so much disparity.

I have created a new category called blogging experience, where I will be providing updates from time to time on the growth of my blog and also giving my opinions on the various legitimate strategies to promote my blog.

Why have I said all this? Well we all have goals and targets we want to achieve in life and while I write on , success, goals, etc I feel 1) I should be an example of what I talk about. 2)I am a human being, doesn’t have all the answers, has to start small to achieve various goals and most of all wants to see positive growth. 3) I am looking to establish positive networks with various readers, subscribers, bloggers etc, learn a thing or two that would aid the growth of this site and increase traffic causing me to expand my horizons. 4) I am identifying with every new/old blogger who has put time and effort, spent money, created content, developed his/her blogs and isn’t getting any traffic or readers, there’s always a way out.

Am I discouraged? Oh!!! No!!!, I have various mediums of channelling my counselling and coaching abilities, but there must be growth on this blog. I am so determined, focused and hungry for growth. What use is having a blog without readers or subscribers?

I can do better. I know I can, I know I will. Things don’t just fall on to our laps anyhow; sometimes we have to work hard to get it and I am ready for it.

Your suggestions, comments, observations, constructive criticisms will be appreciated.

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Once again, I can do better, I know I can, I know I will.

All constructive suggestions and comments are welcome.

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