Grow in self confidence

Confidence is fundamental in every phase of life we go through, but sadly there are a lot of us who lack this character. We need confidence as our fuel in our day-to-day activities. In order to drive, you need to be confident on the steering wheel. In order to teach, you have to be a good communicator. For you to get a job, you have to prove to the interviewer you fit the job description. Confidence can?t be avoided at all.

Lack of confidence is dependent on several factors. It may be shyness, vulnerability, low self-esteem, fear, phobia, worry, anxiety, etc? But these aforementioned factors can be dealt with one step at a time. I must also stress out that overconfidence in oneself can be very dangerous. It can lead to arrogance and eventually, ones? downfall. One has to strike a balance in achieving a decent and an acceptable level of confidence.

So how can you grow in self-confidence?

Show some creativity. It?s amazing to know how human beings are packed with a lot of creativity in them, but not utilized adequately. We show our creativity in many ways, it could be organizing social functions, events, doing our thesis, school homework, projects or it could also be in match making, talking, mentoring, etc? The list is endless.

What comes naturally to you? What can you easily adapt to? What is easy for you to do? Who do you blend with? What triggers your attitude to take action? In what situation or circumstance would you find yourself comfortable? Show some creativity. Be good at what you do and learn how to be open for improvement.

Improve on those positive or likeable characters you have. Learn to set out time to ponder them everyday. Outline the areas and different habits you are struggling with and work hard in dealing with it.

Be inquisitive. Get as much information as you can. Expose yourself to different medias ? read the paper, watch television, listen to the news and current affairs, read books, establish network with different people and have a decent social life. Ask questions, make discoveries, be challenged, and explore areas of interest. Whatever you do, make sure you GET INFORMED.

Hang around positive people. Make sure the friends you have are those who would encourage, support, praise or give you a reality check when necessary. Your friends must be able to motivate you, share with you, grow with you and most importantly, shouldn’t take you for granted. You should find sound counsel or advice with the friends you keep.

?No man is an island?. No one can exist without friends no matter who you are or what positions you may hold in life. We all need encouragement one-way or the other. Build a positive relationship. Seek to develop a positive and beneficial friendship with certain individuals.

Grow in self-confidence today.

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