Give More-The Power of Visualization

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This is a guest post by Pete.

Pete is the founder of A Spark Starts where he writes stories of inspiration to help you reach your greatest potential. All it takes is one spark to start a fire that will change you life.


Collapsed from sheer exhaustion I stare ahead of me to see my hopes and aspirations slowly disappearing. From the stabbing pains coming from my lungs I am under the impression that I am completely out of breath. Drenched with sweat I lay flat on the hard concrete hoping that a moment to bask in the sunlight will give me strength. It seems that the very things I want to accomplish are fleeing from me. To make matter worse my vision is blurry and I can’t see exactly where I am going.


The victim mentality starts to kick in.

“If life wasn’t so hard I could have everything I ever wanted.
If my parents could have afforded to get me into a better college my life would have been different.
If they would just give me a promotion I would do a better job.”

Excuses didn’t do much but waste my time as my dreams quickly moved further and further away from me.


In the midst of my pain, in the midst of my frustration, in the midst of my excuses, I closed my eyes and visualized myself achieving my goals. I could vividly imagine myself doing the very things I desperately wanted to accomplish. The clothes on my back, the atmosphere in which I was standing and the people who surrounded me were so clear and life like that only the coarse scratch of the concrete I was lying on reminded me that I wasn’t there yet.

It gave me an indescribable feeling of hope so strong that even through the pain, the blood, the sweat, and the tears I was able to stand up on wobbly legs and get back into pursuit.


In my time of reflection the very thing I was after had gotten even farther away from me. Unlike before when the ground was my sanctuary, my pursuit became my peace. As I ran I learned from the obstacles that were before me. I learned to jump over doubt, dodge disbelief, hurdle negative thought processes, and drink from the fountains of the experience of others.

Although I have yet to reach my goal I have never ran harder in my life. I sweat with a purpose, fall with dignity, and improve my endurance with every trial. I don’t know about you but no matter what gets in my way, no matter what tries to knock me off course, no matter how big, how strong or how tough the opposition is… I am going to give more.

Until your body refuses to function and you have no longer have any will to fight you have no choice but to keep running. And when you catch what you are after use your experience and coach someone else to finish their race.


When you are tired, give more.
When you are weak, give more.
When you are hopeless, give more.

Close your eyes and imagine what it feels like to reach your biggest goal.

Can you feel it?

I can.

Then start running. I dare you.

Make today the best day of your life!

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