Dealing with Rejection

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Feeling rejected

Everyone has experienced rejection in certain ways. It is a painful season in our lives and the worst thoughts often come to our minds. We experience rejection in many ways eg. having a painful or an abusive childhood experience, feeling unloved by people that surround us, going through a divorce or a break up in a relationship, turned down at a job interview, losing your job…..

Rejection occurs when our identified needs are not met. These needs could be emotional, psychological, financial, physical, spiritual and it’s effects are as follows:
? Difficulty in trusting people (for the fear of being hurt)
? Anger
? Pessimism
? Inferiority Complex
? Isolation imposed by yourself
? Being over materialistic
? Being extremely worried with your physical appearance, clothes worn, speech, look..?
? Possessive in nature
? A false sense of superiority complex
? A false sense of living life

? Being superstitious or suspicious of things and events


Below are the causes of rejection:
? A painful childhood experience
? A divorce or broken relationship
? Loss of a loved one
? Lack of parental care towards children and vice versa
? Loss of a job
? Feelings of insecurity
? Low self esteem
? Sexual rejection
? Mental/physical rejection
? Failure

So what steps do we take in order to deal with rejection and it’s causes
? Identify the cause of rejection
? Take your focus off the rejection and begin to focus on ways to improve yourself
? In instances were you have lost your job, re-assess what your skills are, don?t quit hunting for a job, be determined to succeed.
? In broken relationships, realise that there are other good men or women out there better for you. Don?t descend to looking unattractive or be rough in appearance, should you be going through a divorce which is a painful experience, learn to love and take care of your children, support them & be there for them.
? Meet and make new friends.
? Take time out to rest.
? Stop blaming yourself: Don?t put yourself in a position where you have negative feelings all through, which leads to depression. Remember, you have self-respect and dignity.
? Build your self-confidence. Get up and be strengthened or motivated to face the challenges ahead.
? Stop feeling worthless; remember everyone has a value we just need to discover were our skills and talents lie.
? As much as possible, avoid vengeance. Rejection triggers vengeance particularly when it involves personal relationships.
? Learn to take risks.
? Finally, understand it can only get better when you take positive steps to resolving issues.

Feeling rejected? Read this again

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