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One year ago Well Being Magazine was born

A big thank you to all the readers and subscribers of the blog it?s not been an easy journey but I daresay it?s been worth it


It is a collection of personal development articles from bloggers who are authors, psychologists, psychotherapists, life coaches, counsellors, social workers……….

The aim of this post is to give you an idea of how the magazine is published each month.


It all started out as a friendly discussion with Fiona who had just moved to my department. She introduced me to her husband Matt who does some freelance work as a graphics designer and he was able to come up with the concept for the magazine.

There were several doubts because I wasn?t so sure if it would be received well, besides there wasn?t any online personal development magazine (to the best of my knowledge) gaining grounds on the blogosphere, but it was worth taking the risk.

Initially, the whole project involved searching for magazine templates, web hosts and bloggers. I remember joining and posting an ad on the problogger forum inviting bloggers to contribute to the first edition of the magazine.

Although the post was viewed several times, I only got a response from Bill Badger who has faithfully contributed to and supported the magazine each month.

I was also encouraged by my good friend Steve Aitchison of Change Your Thoughts who has always provided a platform for me to express my approach on his blog, James Richmond of The Infopreneur who gave me several reasons to kick start the magazine.

I am confident the magazine has grown and I?ve been opportuned to network with so many wonderful bloggers in the blogosphere.


The process involves:

Purchasing a magazine template from http://magazine-templates.com and this serves as the skeleton as well as a format for the magazine

Spending time reading and reviewing each article from guest bloggers to understand the content, determine their pages/positions for the magazine.

Selecting and purchasing appropriate pictures from http://fotolia.com to depict the theme of each article and the cover page.

Sending an email containing all the articles and attachments to Matt in order for him to start working on the designs and outlay.

Looking through the draft copy of the magazine and making the necessary corrections or adjustment. (I normally stress Matt at this stage because of the corrections and at times I could change my mind about the pictures or concept of the magazine)

Once we?ve agreed on the final copy and sorted out minor details such as the pdf files, links, payments …. it?s then uploaded to Issuu for publishing.

Finally the magazine is embedded in the blog and aweber ready for distribution to each subscriber.


The magazine has evolved from its first edition to having:

Dominiques Column by Dominique Small of 4 Walls And A View.

Launching bumper editions such as:

  • Christmas And M.E.
  • Amazing Interviews With 26 Bloggers.
  • A Determined Spirit

Increase in the number of subscribers.

An average of 6 bloggers contributing to the magazine each month.


I?m concentrating on:

  • Building a strong brand.
  • Working on placing audio and video projects in the magazine.
  • Getting sponsored adverts for the magazine.


Once again a big thank you to all the readers and subscribers of the blog. It couldn?t have gone this far without your input.

I ?m so grateful to the following bloggers who have supported this vision and contributed to developing the magazine by submitting articles each month.

Steve Aitchison of Change Your Thoughts

Bill Badger of Living Authentically

Catriona Boyle of The Counselling Directory

JK Hustle of The Hustlers Notebook

Bryan Thompson of Elevation Life

Stuart of Thinking Ahead

Jonathan Figaro of The Drop Out Kid

Dominique Small of 4 Walls And A View

M.Farouk Radwan of 2knowmyself.com

Laurel Bertrand of  Dreams At Stake

Renee Dahlen of  My Autumn Years

Jolene Llewellyn of Graceful Agony

Shelli Proffitts Howells of  A * Musings

Suzan Jackson of Learning To Live With CFS

Kate Irwin of Improved Confidence

Pete of A Spark Starts

Karen Ruby of A Meaningful Existence

Sibyl Chavis of The Alternaview

Ben Lumley of 6 Aliens

Karen Cripps ? aka Sofa Karen of  Sofa and the City

El Edwards of Heaven and El

John Sherry of Real Simple People

Kim Maglinti of Mindset Success Coaching

Clearly Composed of Graceful Balance

Preeti Bhatt of  Heart And Mind

Dia Thabet of  2 Achieve Your Goals

Parker Lee of  HowToMingle.Com

Jim Greenwood of The Truth Of Small Steps

Jen Smith of Reach Our Dreams

Ben Weston of Creative Courage

Cheryl Paris of Cheryl Paris Blog

Patricia Bechtold of BechTold Life Works

John Anyasor of HiLife2B

Christine Livingston of A Different Kind Of Work


I am open to comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism on developing the magazine as well as improving the brand.

In the meantime lets all celebrate by raising our glasses lol!! to mark one year of Well Being Magazine.

Thank You.

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