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We often feel overwhelmed with external/internal pressures, difficulties, stress and all sorts of physical and emotional problems. This tends to shift our focus from reality and the notion that we are HUMANS FIRST!!! before any other thing. As humans we open to highs, lows, successes, failures,challenges, struggles etc.
We fail to realise although the problem exists and we are working conscientiously to resolve it, there are positive/good things springing up from different corners that WE FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE OR CELEBRATE.

It’s in these small events that we find strength and are encouraged.

There are definite issues we are struggling with eg. finances, relationhips, emotions, esteem, employment, worries etc but there are also areas in our lives where we’ve experienced positive results, happiness and peace.There are so many things to acknowledge and celebrate for example having life, good friends and family, a steady job in this recession, loving children, being able to meet your needs, having clothes on your back…… It is worth drawing strength and encouragement from.

Be encouraged, be strong, live life with a view that tough times will always come, but we would go through each phase unscathed. I DON’T SUBSCRIBE TO BEING FLIPPANT OR CARELESS, NOT WORRYING ABOUT HOW TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULT SITUATIONS rather i advocate finding some peace, joy, rest, staying power while going through them, knowing it would become history if worked on properly.

Don?t flog yourself so hard because you are still in a mess, be encouraged and work at coming out, but celebrate the fact that you exist, people love and want to be around you….. Whatever it is, find something to give you some encouragement. You can?t be a 100% negative about life or who you are.

You have every reason to celebrate a few successes that have come your way.

So get up, dust your shoes, look cheerful, be happy and celebrate your successes in different things while you deal with your current situation

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