A Letter To My Readers

Hello Everyone

Hope you’ve had a lovely day so far.

I felt it was necessary to provide you with an update on how far the blog has come in .

Although the year has been slightly difficult, one can look back and appreciate the gift of life, support from family, friends, colleagues, bloggers, readers…..

The blog is also gradually attaining the status of being a community and I’m so grateful and thankful to the wonderful people I’ve come across while embarking on this journey

The last three months have been extremely busy due to taking on more responsibilities at work, new childcare schedules blah blah and I accept there have been times were I’ve been totally absent from the blogosphere.

My sincere apologies to everyone who felt I should be doing more on the blog, posts, magazine, radio, social media…. I am trying my best to stay on top of things (as much as possible) but it’s important to emphasize, one can’t really bite off more than he/she can chew.

There were a few targets set at the beginning of and I must confess not all have been met.

Reasons: some were beyond my control, others got on the bandwagon of procrastination, then there were also instances were I was simply lazy on some tasks and finally time constraints.

But the bottom line is; this blog would be nowhere without the support of the readers, subscribers and bloggers who have graciously given their time and efforts to see it grow and mature.

The Blog Well Founded:

The aim of this blog is to provide information which :

  • Is a source of inspiration and encouragement to individuals.
  • Gives/Promotes hope and optimism.
  • Improves Relationships
  • Focuses on life skills development.
  • Creates a fulfilling and purpose driven life……………………..

and I hope it’s done so in it’s own little way for the year .

There are areas that still need to be worked on such as:

  • Design, Web Layout and Simplicity
  • More Blog Content with fewer/no grammatical errors.
  • Guest posting on other blogs(I think I had only 2/3 published in the whole year)(Please note: There’s also the opportunity to guest post on this blog any time. Please read for further information.)
  • Possibly changing the design/format of Well Being Magazine
  • Increasing the blogs presence on social media(i.e. Twitter, facebook,)
  • Increasing the number of subscribers from 751 to 2000.

Blogging Schedule

After careful thoughts and consideration I’ve decided to stick to publishing one article each week for now. This would include guest posts if available. I know there’s a school of thought which suggests that a daily blogging schedule results in an increase in traffic and blog ranking but I ‘m not sure this would suit my style/concept of blogging.

Current Projects

The current projects I’m working on are as follows:

Listening Helps Program

In addition to blogging, working etc., I also run a one to one counselling or coaching service offered to individuals who want to share or talk about their current life struggles.

The program is designed to listen carefully and attentively to the individual; in a non judgemental manner and it takes the format of online chat sessions, telephone sessions and email exchanges.

Please read here for further information and you can check out my profile page.

Well Being Magazine

The magazine would be two years in February and it’s been great running each edition. I am so grateful to everyone who has contributed to the magazine each month. The magazine would be nowhere without your support .

It’s not been easy to run, costs money but it’s worth the time and effort because it’s a dream that has become a reality.

A quick reminder of what it is:-

Well Being Magazine is a personal development magazine available to email subscribers of this blog and it comprises of articles from different bloggers who are either authors, psychologists, psychotherapists, life coaches, counsellors, social workers, run their own businesses…….. and are heavily involved in personal development.

I’ve been asked about printing/delivering hard copies. It sounds like a good idea but not so sure about the costs… laugh!!

I am open various suggestions that would help in improving the quality of the magazine.


Gale Sone of 10 Steps To Finding Your Happy Place

Ben  Balls of Restoring Your Inner Self

Kale Kris of  The Reinvention Tour

Si Motley of Thinking Ahead


I really appreciate all your support and contributions which has resulted in the growth of the magazine.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the magazine as long as the article is related to personal development and it gets submitted on time. Please read here for further information.

************Please look out for the Christmas edition**********

Purpose Radio:

This is the newest development on the blog and I am so grateful to all the podcasters, bloggers, lecturers for granting me the permission to broadcast their material.

I look forward to expanding the station/programmes next year as well developing more content.

I am still a novice in this game and is still fiddling with the software but I am open to any form of advice, support or criticism of the station.

Speaking Engagements

This has kicked off on a small scale but I believe it would grow with time.

A special thank you to all the centres, support homes, communities , churches and youth clubs who opened their doors with a warm welcome and allowed me be a source of inspiration to them.

Please Note: I’m available for speaking engagements in youth groups, support centres, motivational forums or seminars, churches, schools ……………. within the United Kingdom.

Please click here to contact me.

Now the bad part(laugh!!)

I have abandoned the two books I was writing due to time constraints, domestic issues and the inability to do as much research as I want to.

However, it’s my intention to pick up this project in and we would see how it goes.

Finally, I hope I haven’t been too boring.


Thanks for taking time out to read this.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


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