35 Benefits Of Laughter

This post was inspired by watching Prime Minister Theresa May crack a joke on question time today. Not that I have so much interest or knowledge in politics, but Gordon Brown hardly smiles (well at least the times I have seen him on television lol!!). It was fascinating to see him throw a wisecrack at David Cameron and laugh while doing so.

At that point, my perception of him changed because his laughter brought out the human side of him despite his political controversies.

You may be going through tough times or experiencing difficulties, I dare say a dose of laughter could lift your spirits. Life is not all about being too serious or moody. Yes, there is/was a recession, you may be struggling financially, you’ve just come out of a relationship or things appear cloudy with no ray hope in sight. Go on take a few minutes to think of something that would make you laugh, relax and ease the tension.

This post attempts to highlight the various benefits of laughter and suggest practical ways to induce laughter.

Laughter is a form of an outward expression of happiness, amusement and pleasure. It is a universal language that depicts joy or happiness and it?s derived from sound or movements your bodies make when you find something funny.

It is important to feel confident about the way you smile. However, that can be difficult at times as you may have chipped or any other tooth problems that can cause you to feel embarrassed of your smile.

Feel self conscious about laughing, or is it your teeth?

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There are different treatments you could consider and these are:

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