30 Reasons You Need Friends

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I used this picture, because true friendship at its best involves purity, innocence and sharing.

Look at the picture again!!!.

I have come across articles on different blogs highlighting several reasons why you shouldn?t have friends. This is a very touchy subject and you may have been let down in the past with several friendships established (I was), but the truth is you can?t exist in isolation.

There is so much friendship can do for us, whether it?s hanging out with colleagues after work or going shopping with your girlfriends, playing the Xbox/wii, discussing different topics, watching games….. It is so vital in our daily lives.

There is a need to develop different levels of friendship at work, college, in different social circles etc.

Please note: In building friendship, you?ve got to be very careful, selective, define your relationship and know your values.

According to Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, friendship is a cooperative and supportive relationship between two or more people. It is centred on support, cooperation, mutual esteem, knowledge, affection and respect.

You could develop friendship through:

Going out:

The very first step to making friends is to go out and meet people. There are many avenues to meet people; it could be at work, social engagements, the community, neighbours, school etc. Find people that share your common interests, people you can easily relate with, feel comfortable communicating with and see a bond developing after some time.


Talk to people, engage in healthy discussions, create opportunities for conversations, it could be sports, politics, work, family, etc. Conversation is key in any relationship. Ideas are shared/discussed and you could pick up things that aid your personal development.


Learn to pay attention to details. Be a good listener. Friendship involves every aspect of being a good listener. Listen carefully, get names properly, birthdays, events, holidays, likes/dislikes etc. In difficult times, true friends listen to problems, stand, comfort, encourage and offer advice based on their knowledge/ experience.

The aim of this post is to point out several reasons why building friendships is an important factor in your daily lives.

In no particular order, here are 30 reasons you need friends:

  • You are accepted and respected for who you are.
  • You are hardly judged by your actions.
  • Friends always provide a listening ear.
  • Friends are true team players and stand by you through the good or bad times.
  • You are told the truth even when it hurts.
  • You can rely or count on your friends
  • Friends value your relationship.
  • Friends boost your self esteem.
  • Friends show you loyalty and faithfulness.
  • You could possess a cordial relationship with your friends.
  • You are able to communicate easily with you friends.
  • True friends would display honesty and display no form of betrayal.
  • You share several things in common and most times are of similar mindsets.
  • You could receive comfort from friends when you are faced with difficult times or struggles.
  • You receive all sorts of help from friends.
  • Friends teach you new things.
  • Friends enhance your life.
  • They liven up your hearts.
  • They increase/improve your level of networking.
  • Friends create/provide opportunities to meet new people and expose you to different social circles.
  • They share their opinions and give advice.
  • Some friends could become potential spouses in the future.
  • Friends provide encouragement.
  • You can share a laugh or shed a tear around your friends
  • Friends boost your self confidence.
  • You feel safe hanging around your friends.
  • They reduce the level of stress you experience.
  • Friends provide emotional and spiritual support.
  • Friends are concerned about your well being.
  • Friends get involved in your personal and self development.

There are other reasons to develop friendships. Can you think of anymore?

I look forward to your comments.

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