If you’re concerned about weight, health and equality read on. If you are personally fed up with the misery of dieting: this is for you. If professionally you are searching for an intervention proven to improve lifestyle and  body confidence, one that pays attention to the social realities of client’s lives, welcome to the Well Now way.

Well Now is a way of approaching life.  It is a philosophy that gently guides you through the complexities of food and health, including social and economic influences.  It enhances wellbeing, self-worth and contentment.  It shows you how to nourish and take care of your self and how to be compassionate to your self and others.  The philosophy is for personal use and for practitioners supporting clients.  Well Now works by helping people make connections and understand things differently. This creates new options and transforms our way of being in the world.  Curious?  Explore the Well Now Way to find peace and breathe a sigh of relief

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