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Find out how the Well Now approach supports people in enhanced self-care and brings social determinants into the health conversation.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that lifestyle change is only part of the picture when it comes to health outcomes. Nevertheless, most people still come to us seeking help with behaviour change, often for weight management.

Our practice is most meaningful when, by integrating social determinants into the clinical conversation, we’re able to help people respect and look after themselves, whatever their circumstances, and work with others to challenge stigma and to promote equality.

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Health At Every Size

A HAES approach is a health-centred initiative that teaches a compassionate approach to self-care and considers health in its broadest sense, covering physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. A HAES approach integrates accurate science about social determinants of health and includes the key message that respect is for every body – whatever our weight, shape, fitness level, health status or health behaviours. Find out more about HAES practice

Why this approach?

The HAES community envisions a world free of health inequalities  . . .  a world where people are at peace – in their bodies, around food, with each other.  HAES practice promotes health equity through paying attention to broader determinants of health and helping people regain a sense of agency. Read NHS Well Now evaluation        

What's on offer

I deliver training workshops designed for health, fitness, social care, children's services and community development professionals and undertake bespoke commissioned training. Workshops are accredited by the British Dietetic Association. You can also train to become an approved Well Now facilitator. More about the training 

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